Lead Programmer/Park Manager and Co-founder

Pokah created Mystic Island in June of 2000. He serves as the lead programmer and designer for the site. His accomplishments include a retail card game pack titled Games People Play, and Spades '97, which served as the founding game for IPLAY.NET. He first became interested in designing online games after a visit to The Zone in late 1995. After spending a few years working in the PC game industry as a programmer, he now works on Mystic Island in his spare time as a hobby.

Park Manager

I'm retired from a local phone company. I have 2 grown children a daughter and a son. Two dogs, a cocker spaniel and a basset hound. I love to read and do handwork but most of all to play cards.

Park Security, Sysop

G'day mates, Chrissy here. A few years ago, I was sailing from "down under" and landed on the island. It didn't take long to become addicted to Mystic Island. I like the games at Mystic, but I especially enjoy the company of the people here. Next time you see me on the island, be sure to say g'day!

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